After having seen some victims affected by skincare scammers in our community, we were thrilled, anxious and feeling like we were obligated to do something to help our community or to make it better, at least. 

As a matter of facts, in some societies, especially Asian one, most people prefer white skin. Hence, they tend to look for products that can whiten or bleach their skin as quickly as possible, not even within years or months, but within weeks or even days!

We saw some of those victims on the internet reporting and being reported how badly they suffered from using dangerous skin care products from various sellers. Some of those products were illegally homemade and some were unreliably manufactured, most of which are for bleaching, whitening, or even peeling users’ flesh skin, however it does and whatever it takes, even it is via whitening supplements, to make their skin look as WHITE as POSSIBLE and as QUICKLY as POSSIBLE!! 

As a result, we have seen some victims were fighting cancer terribly, some got their whole face damaged, some got their body skin burned and ruined, while some others are even still fighting various chronic diseases on their own beds due to usages of those products, etc.

At that time, we had no clue how we could help those skincare scamming victims. We felt and still feel terribly sorry and sad for what happened to them and what they have been going through. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to help those victims. However, we later figured there was something else we could do, even though not for those who already got affected but, at least, for those who have not yet got affected, to have another alternative skincare supply and option that is safe and healthy. Then, LUXEMMA was founded!

Our vision is to help keep beautiful, healthy and safe living lifestyles with high quality and natural skincare and beauty for our women and men in our community.

Therefore, our mission is to educate and deliver high quality natural and organic beauty products to our women and men in the community.

We want to let those people know that beautiful skin is NOT the skin that looks plain white just like they want! It's the skin that is healthy! All skin colors are beautiful when they are healthy!

Please stay safe and beautiful, everyone!